Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ocean Salt

I'll start with one of my first Lush products, and one of my favorites: Ocean Salt.,en_US,pd.html#start=1
4.2 oz: $21.95
8.8 oz: $35.95

I bought my first tub of Ocean Salt a couple years ago at the Lush store in San Francisco, and I was heartbroken when I hit the bottom. This scrub works exactly as advertised, as both a facial exfoliator and a body scrub and I was not disappointed. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with the sweet scents of grapefruit and lime that make you want to use it every time you shower. Though, I found it better to use only once or twice a week, both to preserve the product and because it worked well enough that I didn't feel obliged to use excessive amounts of it. Using it this way, if not occasionally less, it lasted me a couple months.

It smells divine, and it feels incredible, so I don't think I even cared about the quality of the product once I fell in love with the superficial qualities. It does its job, though, so this Ocean Salt is definitely the "total package".

It's very high on my list to repurchase!


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