Sunday, January 4, 2015

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$9.95 - $28.95

The Olive Branch was another of my first Lush products. When I went into the store, I was looking for a good exfoliating set, so the employee who was helping me directed me to the trio of Ocean Salt, The Olive Branch, and Ro's Argan. I would say the best combination of the set was just the Ocean Salt and The Olive Branch (the Ro's Argan really didn't do much for me, I'll get into that in a later post).

This is still one of my most frequently used items from Lush. I still have a bit left in a bottle (I've since repurchased it a couple times, this bottle my mom actually got when she was in Canada so the label is in French!) and I still use it regularly. It smells amazing and it feels amazing. It doesn't actually small all that olive-oily; it's a very neutral scent, pretty mild, so none of the scents (bergamot, mandarin, olive oil, etc) stand out all that much, and it doesn't feel oily or anything, either. It's very mild, that's the best word I can use for it, but in a really good way. I know a lot of Lush products that can seem very overwhelming, or that can take some getting used to, but this is a really good limb to go off on if you're a first-time Lush user, or if the strength of their products seems a bit much to you. It's also a really good gift idea for introducing friends to Lush!

I can't say I saw a dramatic, life-changing difference in my skin after using this for a while, but it does feel smoother and nicer than it did without it so I'm not complaining. And it really does feel good to put on, I can't stress that enough, without leaving a residue on the bottom of the bathtub (which we all know is a pain to clean up).

The scent doesn't linger long, so if you want something relatively fragrance-free this would be a good choice. But it smells nice enough while you're rubbing it in that it works out for both ends of the scent-searching spectrum.

Great product, great scent, great quality - I love it.

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